Ballin’ on a Budget: 6 Beauty Winners at Target


I LOVE TARGET. I could spend hours on end wandering aimlessly through aisle after aisle, filling my cart with all sorts of goodies. I love their food selection, men’s pajamas, homewares, prices on toothpaste…yes, Target is a very special place for me. Especially the one in Spanish Harlem, which is conveniently located only twenty-ish blocks from where I live. It’s a pain to get to, still, since it’s so far east, but the moment I walk through those sliding doors and into that red-and-white themed megastore I’m in heaven. I grab an iced tea at Starbucks, a shopping cart, and start cruisin’.


I must admit that I haven’t really purchased any beauty supplies from a drugstore since turning 21. I discovered the magical world of specialty stores and never looked back. But after recently┬ámaking some big-ish plans for the not-so-far-away future, I realized it’s time to scale back a little.


And it sucked, at first, until I realized that I had definitely been overspending. A sizable amount of stuff I was getting at speciality stores had counterparts equal (or even better) in quality just waiting in the local drugstore! Now THAT was a revelation. And since my no. 1 goal for 25 is to manage my money better, I made the trek uptown and took the first step into making this year a glorious, beautiful, and much less expensive one.


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One of the BBs did a thing.

What doesn't kill ya / Only makes ya blonder - Miranda Lambert

What doesn’t kill ya / Only makes ya blonder – Miranda Lambert

Also, we’ll be back soon! Stay tuned for more awesome (or whatever) coming your way…this week?!



Perfume Genius: An Intro to Fragrance

I recently learned of yet another type of crap I can spend ridiculous amounts of money on: fragrance! I have had perfume for a long time, of course, but up until a month or two ago I had only known about the basics regarding scents and about whatever products I saw in Sephora or department stores. Then I discovered this whole new realm of crap called “niche fragrance,” and learned that everything I knew about perfumes thus far was hella basic and that there is so much more out there that is way more interesting and unique (not to mention pricey). In the course of my self-instruction on all things nice and smelly, I realized there is a lot of lingo thrown out there that we plebs tend to just glaze over and not actually comprehend what we are reading. Here, I elaborate a bit on what you are looking at when you are checking out scents.

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Lovely biddies! This isn’t a scheduled post, but I just thought all y’all should know that there are some seriously awesome deals & steals at Sephora you should take advantage of this Black Friday weekend. Seriously!!!



I think I might go back again today…anyway, this is what I picked up during my whirlwind spontaneous shopping spree (you should see the other spoils of my adventure, I have a massive sack of clothes that I spent about $50 on and am just cheesin’ over):



They were only $10 each! Online there are some good deals but you’ll find a lot of awesome stuff in-stores. I saw a Bite lip gloss trio that I think I’ll probably go back to grab today…not that I need anymore lip gloss, but you know. “On principle” and all that.

I know that the allure of a great deal causes many a savvy shopper to falter and make reckless purchases (here’s looking at you, two lacy rompers I bought yesterday), but these Sephora buys are truly worth it. I mean, the MUFE glosses are FULL-SIZE. So head on over before it’s too late!


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