About the Biddies

Once upon a time, there were two girls from the New York City area. They met in a land far, far away called Portland, Oregon, where they attended Reed College. They loved each other very much.

Beauty Biddies

Then one of them decided that she had had enough of the rainy, dreary Pacific Northwest, so she transferred to Barnard College back in New York. In spite of this, their love endured.

Following graduation, both girls (now referred to as “biddies”) ended up in the Big Apple. They had both always loved makeup and were somewhat elitist about it, but did not care. Most notably, they both spent embarrassing amounts of money on beauty products. They came to the realization that the logical thing to do would be to join forces and start a blog chronicling their shared obsession and purchases. Thus, BeautyBiddies was born.



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