Everything’s Coming Up Roses: 15 Must-Have Rose Products

DSCF7939It’s safe to say that roses are having a ~*moment*~. Rose-based/infused/fragranced stuff is EVERYWHERE–and I, for one, am not complaining. The rose may be the basic bitch of flowers (and I’m an authority on this; I’ve worked in a luxury floral boutique for over a year now) but it’s also unapologetically classic. Roses also offer tons of wonderful cosmetic benefits, giving you glowy, supple skin. The fragrance is intoxicating. And roses are full of powerful antioxidants that can calm, nurture, and protect your face from daily environmental abuse. I hopped aboard the rose train and have not looked back! Here’s a roundup of my favorite rose products, from lip gloss to bath bombs. Enjoy!

P.S. Thanks to a recent change of heart, all products I use and discuss are now cruelty-free. So enjoy with a clean conscience! 🙂 xoxo


1. Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve

A classic. This beautifully scented, remarkably inexpensive tin of wonder is a multiuse godsend. Use it on lips, cuticles, patches of dry skin in the winter time…instant moisture. I never leave the house without a tin in my bag!

$6.00, available at Sephora

2. Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

This was my first foray into solid shampoo and so far I’m in love! A few swipes in wet hair creates a deliciously fragranced lather that leaves hair shiny and squeaky clean. I use this once a week on wash day (I co-wash midweek) and follow with a deep conditioner for happy, healthy hair that smells simply divine. Note that you have to leave this bar out to dry between uses so it doesn’t get crumbly and soggy, but it makes your whole bathroom smell AMAZING. Definitely worth it.

$10.95, available at Lush

3. Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil

I got really into Korres products senior year of college–like, it was my whole skincare routine. I strayed because I was distracted by shinier, brighter things. So this has been a homecoming of sorts for me; I was looking for a new, brightening daytime oil to replace my Lancôme Bienfait Multi-Vital Daily Replenishing Oil since I had decided to transition to a cruelty-free routine. This incredible, lightweight oil makes my sensitive skin glow, stay hydrated all day, and actually improves its texture over time. A total winner! Plus, it smells so wonderful.

$54.00, available at Sephora

4. Badger Damascus Rose Face Oil

I was in the market for a heavier nighttime oil and came across this at Whole Foods. This is definitely a heavier oil, and it does a great job retaining moisture overnight for a healthy, glowing complexion in the morning! I haven’t had any issues with clogged pores or breakouts, either. Love it. (Psst–it’s also organic, for all y’all crunchy hippies out there.)

$16.99, available at Whole Foods and here

5. Rose Jam Bubbleroon

I honestly can’t get enough of this fragrance. The Rose Jam shower gel is only periodically available, but the bubbleroon is available all the time–so take some time out of your busy schedule to submerge yourself in these delightfully scented bubbles for a truly relaxing and epic bath.

$8.95, available at Lush

6. Eau Roma Water

Okay, I guess by now it’s obvious that I have a thing for all things Lush (can you blame me? How the hell am I supposed to walk by their AMAZING smelling store and NOT stop in and buy everything in sight?!). I first purchased Eau Roma water over a year ago and have since tried many, many toners and sprays. I’ve come back to it because it’s a) cruelty-free and b) simply the best. It’s refreshing and leaves the skin happy and hydrated–I use it between cleansing and moisturizing, and spritz my face lightly after makeup application and before setting spray to lock in moisture for a more natural look. It’s also great for after a super-sweaty workout session!

$22.95, available at Lush

7. Dream Cream Hand & Body Lotion

This stuff is pretty pricy considering how fast I go through a pot, but its skin softening properties and general awesomeness make it an indulgence that I can’t help splurging on time and time again. The rose fragrance is light in this lotion, but I consider that a plus since it doesn’t compete with any fragrance I layer on top of it. For truly soft and silky skin, you GOTTA try this lotion.

$27.95, available at Lush

8. Aura Glow Rose Massage Oil

I LOVE Aura Glow and this scent is simply addictive! For colder weather, I swear by this stuff–it’s intensely moisturizing. I massage directly into the skin right out of the shower and then towel off excess moisture for ultra-soft, delightfully scented skin. It’s a little too intense for the summer but in the winter it’s a definite must-have for dry skin folk like me. Plus, it definitely makes you glow. Like, radiant glow. No easy feat in the winter.

$10.19, available at The Heritage Store

9. Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume

Now we here at BB love us some perfume, and are not afraid to shell out the big bucks for a fragrance we believe is truly worth it. So I was absolutely shocked when I came across this insanely amazing perfume at…Whole Foods? For under $25?! I swear, I have never gotten as many compliments from people as when I wear this perfume. From restaurant waitstaff to business acquaintances to fellow subway passengers to, yes, the boyfriend, everyone has been like “Wow, what is that smell? It’s amazing!” It’s a warm, slightly fruity floral that is surprisingly sophisticated. I keep coming back to it for a reason!

$22.00, available at Whole Foods and here

10. Water + Rose by Juice Press

So this isn’t really a beauty product per se, but it’s rose-based and delicious. It’s hydration and aromatherapy in a bottle. I love it so much and just had to add it to the list (because beauty starts from the inside out, right?).

$2.75, available at Juice Press

11. Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Rose Julep

Ok ok ok so this is also not exactly a rose-infused anything, but this universally-flattering rose shade has kept this shimmer-free lip cream a steady presence in my makeup arsenal. If you’re looking for a subtly plumping, creamy gloss, you can’t go wrong with a tube of this stuff!

$20.00, available at Sephora

12. Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose

I’ve mentioned this before in my Cheap Thrills post, and I’ll say it again: this tinted lip balm is wonderful. It gives the perfect amount of sheer color payoff to bring some life to your pucker, and it’s delightfully moisturizing and YES, IT SMELLS LIKE YUMMY ROSES.

$12.00, available at Sephora

13. Sephora Sleeping Mask in Rose

For an extra punch of hydration once a week, I like to do a sleeping mask. After washing my face I apply a generous layer of the mask and hit the hay. The next morning my skin is soft, really hydrated, and renewed. I don’t do hydrating masks as frequently in the summer months but they’re a definite must from October through March, and this travel-sized number is a lil’ lifesaver.

$4.00, available at Sephora

14. REN Rosa Centifolia No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm

For those of you who are fans of Clinique’s Take the Day Off, you will LOVE this balm! It removes even the most stubborn of makeup gently and thoroughly, leaving you with silky soft skin. As someone with very sensitive skin, I was skeptical about this fragranced product, but I didn’t have any reaction and was very pleased with how it made my skin look and feel.

$48.00, available at Sephora

15. Dr. Bronner’s Rose Pure-Castille Bar Soap

I bought this because of the scent (duhhhh) but found it was rather drying on my skin–until I remembered that a friend of mine told me a while ago that this soap is actually really great for cleaning makeup sponges like the BeautyBlender (and brushes too). I gave it a try and WOW, it really does do a good job! I still have a block of solid BlenderCleanser left to get through, but afterwards I’m going to be switching to this much more affordable alternative (plus, it makes your sponges and brushes smell amazing).

$4.69, available here

I definitely have more than just these fifteen rose products in my bathroom and makeup collection (#hoarder), but these were the standout champs–and I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re feeling rosy and romantic, definitely give one or two (or all!) of them a try…promise you won’t regret it.



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