The Fantastic Four: Outstanding Oils!



So it’s been a hot second since I last wrote about my skincare routine and let me tell you, there have been some CHANGES! Y’all completely did not hear about my adventure into the land of Soap & Glory, which was a passionate and short-lived (but fondly remembered) dalliance that ended in heartbreak, i.e., Sephora discontinuing carrying their products. Supposedly shops like Target (ahem, Targét) will start carrying the line soon, but in the interim I was left high and dry and with a face that was quickly crumbling into Crypt Keeper territory.

Crypt Keeper

Me showing up late to a function.

I’d been reading about oil cleansers for some time now, but hadn’t been blown away by any that I’d tried. They mostly left my face feeling kinda greasy and unclean. So I wasn’t expecting much when I got a sample of Tatcha’s One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil–I honestly just picked it because of the packaging. #shamelesslyshallow

One wash later and I was in love.

Y’all don’t understand. Two pumps rubbed on to my dry face removes ALL of my makeup–ALL OF IT–and washes clean off with just warm water. Mascara and everything–GONE. Skin? SO SOFT. AND FRESH. AND CLEAN.

praise god


I can’t stop raving about this stuff. The quality of my skin has gone up 500%. It’s glowy and happy and clear. It’s a miracle! But this is only the latest step I’ve taken on the path to oil-based enlightenment, and I figured it was about doggone time I shared with you the magic products that have been changing my life in a major way.

Meet the Fantastic Four:

fab four

My heroes.

These warrior wunderproducts have been giving me *life* while making my life SO much easier. I swear by these and will love them forever. I’ve already raved about the cleansing oil, so let me introduce you to the other three.

Neutrogena Body Oil

neutrogena body oilI feel so silly for only just starting to use this stuff but honestly? I’m addicted. This body oil is the best! Now I have the softest post-shower skin in the world. The only downside is that you can’t really just toss this stuff in your gym bag…trust me, I learned that lesson the hard way.

Argan Oil

I can’t believe I didn’t write about this sooner! I am an argan oil apostle and I will never stop preaching the gospel. I use this stuff for everything–as a daytime facial moisturizer, on my hair, on my cuticles…I love it. If ever there was a holy grail beauty product, this would be it. Best part? You don’t have to shell out the $$$ at Sephora et al. to get some. I get mine at Whole Foods and Fairway for a fraction of the cost! Love it.

happy dance

The yeah-for-inexpensive-holy-grail-ish-beauty-products happy dance!

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil

josie maran infinity argan oilTHIS! STUFF! This is my new nighttime moisturizer. I still love the Origins Night-a-Mins, but I recently found myself needing a lil extra moisture at night. I layer this over my Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment (the one I talked about in my Best of Beauty post!) and wake up looking dewy as Jessica Alba during her Blue Crush years. If your face gets thirsty at night, I highly, highly recommend this creamy oil.

Alright peoples. Basically, oils are the greatest, and you need to get your hands on them ASAP.


One thought on “The Fantastic Four: Outstanding Oils!

  1. Nia says:

    I love oils! I’ve started usin the Kiehls Midnight Recovery oil under my regular moisturizer at night and love it! My skin is somewhat oily and its seemed to help a lot. Definitely checking these out.


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