Lush with LUSH: Four Body Butter Bars

When I went home to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving weekend, I discovered that my mother had gone to Lush and randomly got me four different types of body butter bars, just because. I had only used one of them before (the Buffy Bar), and was otherwise new to the other three: King of Skin, Aqua Mirabilis, and You Snap the Whip. I personally would not have purchased four different body butters, since they’re all basically doing the same thing, but because I didn’t actually spend the money on them myself I am sucking it up and happily using them. I thought I would do a little comparison of each bar, therefore, since I am now sampling every single one of them and can now speak to the differences between them all.

Smooth Criminal…post body butter bars.

You Snap the Whip – $10.95

YSTW was seriously disappointing. I had high hopes for it because of its purported exfoliating properties and the lovely scent, but it turned out to be a letdown. The smell was still really nice in the shower, but that is where the praise ends. Not only did the bar wear away EXTREMELY quickly (I anticipate only getting two or three more uses out of it, tops), but it was not very moisturizing, either. Furthermore, it didn’t really do much skin-sloughing. Bummer.

Pros: Pleasant fragrance
Cons: Not very moisturizing, not a good exfoliate, not worth many uses

Or Nah? NAH, B.


Buffy – $11.95

Buffy slays me every time; GET IT?!?!?. Har har har. But seriously, I am on my fifth one of these babies. It was first recommended to me because I wanted something to help my keratosis pilaris (chicken skin bumps on my arms and legs). Buffy was the logical choice, as it is comprised tons of ground of rice/almonds/beans and seriously moisturizing shea and cocoa butters. It is very exfoliating and even when you get out of the shower, the buttery-ness stays on your skin. Mmmmmmmm, yes. The only thing that can be irritating is cleaning up the pieces of crap from this thing out of your drain, but because they’re bigger than those in Aqua Mirabilis, it’s not a bid deal.

Pros: Super moisturizing, super exfoliating, super wonderful
Cons: Pieces of ground-up beans/rice/almonds everywhere

Or Nah? YAH


Aqua Mirabilis – $10.95

While Aqua Mirabilis was mildly exfoliating and pleasantly-scented, in the same way as YSTW, I estimate only another three or so uses out of this bar. It was not particularly moisturizing outside of the shower, either, and involved a LOT of cleanup of all the ground-up almond shells. (It could have just been particularly bad for my shower, though, since it doesn’t drain super well. Whatever.) Wasn’t the worst thing ever, but it isn’t something I would rush back to get.

Pros: Somewhat exfoliating, smells decent
Cons: Wears away quickly, not very moisturizing, cleanup was annoying

Or Nah? Meh, maybe.


King of Skin – $13.95

Unlike the other body butters, King of Skin is not to be used in the shower but rather outside of it. To really get it to melt,  however, it is best to apply it to (slightly) wet skin; if applied to dry (or just-dried skin), it will do absolutely nothing. I was not super impressed by King of Skin, as I felt as though it didn’t really melt very well at body temperature and wasn’t incredibly moisturizing. Maybe after several more applications it will start to get better, but for now, I’m not a huge fan. I do like the scent, though.

Pros: Long-lasting, very light scent
Cons: It is so long-lasting because it doesn’t melt easily

Or Nah? Eh.

Do you agree with my assessments? Y/N?

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