In Lust with L’Occitane

L’Occitane: An Affair to Remember (or A Very Long Engagement?)


Ooh la la!

I’m horrible at making commitments to, well, anything at all, and my skincare routine is no exception. That’s probably not a bad thing, though, since it means I’m always discovering new and cool stuff to smear on my face! And when I’ve got something new to use, I’m super-diligent about caring for my skin every morning and night (or afternoon and…early morning, to be more realistic, since my sleep schedule is anything but normal). My fling with Lush was wonderful and while I still care for the products a lot, and will be keeping certain products in use for sure–I love love LOVE the results I get from the BB Seaweed Mask and Mask of Magnaminty–I was starting to get a bit antsy. Time to see what other fish are in the sea! #thishoeaintloyal


Whatcha gonna do about it?

I recently subscribed to French Box, which is going to be the death of me because it’s so damn adorable and I am supposed to be “budgeting.” (There’s currently a special promotion for first-time subscribers. The first box is only $14.95. I highly recommend trying it out!) I got my first box in October and it was so delightful that ever since I’ve been losing myself in daydreams of moving my rowdy and obnoxious and non-French-speaking American ass to Paris to live like a charming French person and spend all day drinking champagne and taking bubble baths while wearing lipstick and listening to Edith Piaf. (That’s what French people do, right? In France?) So when I walked by L’Occitane on the way home from Sephora the other day, I thought to myself, I WANT TO REVAMP MY SKINCARE ROUTINE TO BE 100% FRENCH-ISH. I SHOULD BUY A SOAP OR SOMETHING.


My fantasy French alter-ego.

I left over $100 poorer, which is typical me, and I am basically exploding with excitement. #budgetsareforbasicbitches #alsofiscallyresponsibleones


At least, one that will allow me to comfortably fuel my impulsive shopping habits.

I’ve been a longtime fan of L’Occitane’s famous hand creme because it is simply the best. I’ve always been very satisfied and happy with the shea butter products that the company produces, so when I saw that there was an entire skincare collection based around shea butter, I had to take the plunge. I was initially just going to get a facial soap, since I have been on the hunt for the perfect cleanser for what feels like forever now, but the other products were so intriguing that I had to give them a try. So far, I love everything!

Shea Butter Cleansing Milk – $22

This cleanserloccitane_cleansing_milk does a pretty great job of removing makeup without feeling like my skin is being stripped. I pump a dallop onto my fingers and gently rub it all over my face (avoiding the eye area!) before removing with a cotton swab (or two). Supposedly you can leave your face as-is after this, but I’m big on having a super-clean face so I follow up with a full cleansing routine afterwards. Still, it’s a solid makeup remover, but I’d recommend it for days when you’re not wearing a whole lot–removing a full face of makeup will be easier using a wipe first. And don’t get this in your eyes!!!

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Soap – $12

loccitane_ultra_gentle_soapI LOVE THIS SOAP SO HARD. I was really skeptical about buying a bar soap for my face, as I find bar cleansers to oftentimes be very drying and stripping, but this is WONDERFUL. It’s incredibly moisturizing but left my face remarkably clean and fresh, and not uncomfortably tight afterwards. My sensitive skin is in love. I think I found The One, guys. I think I found The One!

Shea Butter Gentle Toner – $22

loccitane_gentle_tonerThis toner felt fabulous after the face soap. It was cooling and lightly hydrating. I also found, while using this, that the combination of makeup removers, the cleansing milk, and face soap 100% removed all the makeup from my face. Like, the cotton swab was clean when I was done. Pure delight. As a stand-alone, though, this is a delightful and hydrating midday pick-me-up. Awesome.

Shea Butter Ultra Gentle Moisturizer – $42

loccitane_ultra_gentle_moisturizerWhile reading reviews for this product online I saw a lot of people complaining that they don’t like how this moisturizer’s new formula compares to the old one. Since I never used the old one, I can’t attest to any pros or cons between the two, but I do really love this moisturizer. It’s as gentle as it proclaims, very hydrating, but not greasy at all. It doesn’t sit on the skin, either. A great finish to an awesome new routine. It also works really well in conjunction with serums, so no worries about the dreaded “pilling” experience!

Already my skin has been experiencing the dryness I get when colder weather comes around, so I’m stocking my cabinets with some heavy-duty hydrating products. These definitely fit the bill, and they’re so gentle, too! I think the next product on my list is the Shea Butter Ultra Rich cream, which should help tackle any super-dry patches that will inevitably be making appearances from now through February.

I think L’Occitane and I are going to have a lovely time together. Our relationship is very promising right now, so who knows where this will go! Also, y’all should subscribe to French Box. It’s adorable and wonderful and like a small getaway in a box.

Au revior!


x R

2 thoughts on “In Lust with L’Occitane

  1. elizfry says:

    I lOVE this blog! thank you thank you thank you for buying and trying stuff out for me. What you need to do, a little unasked for advice, is to contact these companies and ask for FREE stuff that you will review in your blog! Yeah!


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