Working Overtime: Multi-Use Wunderproducts

Beauty products that can do double duty (or even more) with ease

What’s better than a wunderproduct? A wunderproduct that can do more than one wunderful thing! (Okay, I’ll stop.)



These double (or triple, or quadruple) duty darlings should be staples in every Biddie’s makeup drawer. They’re especially great for the constantly travelling Biddie and the Biddie on a budget. Check out our picks below!

1. Neutral eyeshadow palette

bobbi brown smokey nudes

Eyeshadows are incredibly versatile if you’re willing to get a lil’ creative, especially if they’re of the naked/nude variety. Your favorite shades for lids can also serve as brow powder (darker shades), highlighter (shimmery light shades), and even blush (taupe and pinkish shades) in a pinch. Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes Eye Palette, $65,

2. Rosebud salve

rosebud salve

This is a must-have. I always carry a tin around with me wherever I go. This product is great for lips, of course, but it’s also great for dabbing onto especially dry patches of skin in the wintertime or for parched cuticles. Insider’s tip: mix a tiny bit with a pencil eyeliner to temporarily create a straight-off-the-runway glossy smoky lid…or, you know, the look of Courtney Love on a bender. Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $6.99,

It’s definitely an aesthetic.


3. Red lipstick


Red lipstick isn’t just for lips! Dab a bit on each cheek and blend for an instant flush on the go, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try using it as an eyeshadow. MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo, $16,



4. Hairspray

bumble and bumble classic hairspray

I LOVE hairspray. It’s good for hair, obviously, but you can also use it to eliminate static cling (spray on the inside of your garment), and if you spray it on a spooley brush it’ll keep your brows in place. It’s also good for stopping runs in your tights from spreading–just spray on the end of the run and it’ll stop in its tracks! (That’s a trick I learned from my ballet days.) I try to keep a small can in my bag. If you spray it on your bobby pins, they’ll stay put, too. Bumble and bumble Classic Hairspray, $12,


Okay, go forth and shop smart, my Biddies.

~*oFF 2 dA maLL*~

~*oFF 2 dA maLL*~

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