In Lust with Lush

It’s Lush Haul O’Clock!

I am an impulse shopper. It’s pretty bad, but I justify my habits by reminding myself that most of the brilliant writers and artists I love died broke and alone because they partied too hard and spent all their money on booze (here’s looking at you, Alexandre Dumas). So this basically confirms that I’m a creative genius, right? Right.


Muahahahaha, I’m such a horrid spendthrift!

Since I’ve been feeling kind of blue lately, I decided to revamp my skincare routine. And as a firm believer in retail therapy, I went on a bit of a binge…at LUSH!!!



I am very, very new to the Cult of Lush but was a pretty easy convert. Having a store open literally nine blocks away from my front door has been pretty amazing for me and pretty disastrous for my bank account…but hey. Beauty is (financial) pain, right?



Anyway, here’s some of the stuff I bought in the past week. Like I said, I’m revamping/enhancing my skincare routine in pursuit of the ~*best skin evarrrr*~ and after trying Lush’s seaweed mask last week I knew I had to, had to, HAD to try other products from the shop. I can’t say for sure yet if this is just a fling or something more long-term, but so far it’s been a pretty promising relationship!

My current skincare routine varies by the day but it’s pretty much a combination of Origins, Kate Somerville, and Ole Henriksen stuff. I’ve been looking for a good daily moisturizer and everyday cleanser for some time now, though, so that’s where I started on my Lush trip.

Imperialis moisturizer and Aqua Marina cleanser


Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser

Aqua Marina has the consistency of soft clay, so for someone used to liquid facial washes, this might also take a bit of time to adjust to. It’s wrapped in seaweed and smells…seaweed-y, so it will kind of feel like you’re rubbing a creamy California roll on your face. The (rather aggressive, but incredibly persuasive) Lush saleswoman assisting me assured me that this would be great for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. It contains calamine, which is SUPER calming. So far, so good! I’m always looking for brightening skincare products, and this cleanser gives an extra glow-y boost. I didn’t realize how stressed out my skin was before! NOTE: this cleanser works best on makeup-free skin. Use makeup removers before busting out this baby–I recommend Ole Henriksen’s Nurture Me Cleansing Cloths and the eye makeup remover of your choice!


Lush Imperialis moisturizer

Imperialis smells kind of like plastic, but it’s a solid everyday moisturizer. I’m still sticking to Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins and Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment for my bedtime routine, but this is a great pick for day. It’s moisturizing but not greasy. I’ve also been spritzing on Lush’s Eau Roma Water–another haul purchase–prior to applying Imperialis (I also use OH Truth Serum between the two). I don’t need to use as much moisturizer this way, and it helps to maintain that super-chill and calm (almost zen-like, really) feeling. Gotta be honest, though: I also got a sample of Perricone MD’s Face Finishing Moisturizer and I like it a LOT. The primary deterrent for making the switch is $$$ (it’s $69 for 2 oz. of FF vs. $25 for 1.5 oz. of Imperialis), so I’m going to alternate 10-day stretches to see which one I truly prefer. NB: it takes 7-10 days for your skin to adjust to a new skincare product/routine, so even if you see pretty instant results, you won’t really know how you like/react to anything until you’ve tried it for that period of time!!!

Lush BB Seaweed Mask and Mask of Magnaminty

I looooooooove a good mask! Seriously, though. I LOVE MASKS. I mean, look at how HAPPY I am here:

In my element

In my element.

Finding a good mask isn’t easy, though. So I was so happy when Lush’s BB Seaweed mask was introduced to my universe! NOTE: This is easily my favorite mask, results-wise, but also easily the nastiest stuff I have ever put on my face. Sure, I’m glowing harder than J. Lo in her my-bronzer-has-no-limits days after I wash it off, but this stuff is straight-up disgusting in appearance, texture, and smell. It honestly looks like bird shit and it smells like dollar-store potpourri dusted over a mountain of seaside garbage. Only wear this mask when you are absolutely alone. If you can get past the scent hanging out on your upper lip for 10-15 minutes, this the perfect mask. If you can’t, that’s okay. It takes a certain kind of mental and nasal strength to do this one.


My first time trying the mask, me visibly building up a tolerance to the mask’s smell by the second use, me smiling like a loony person post-mask while binging on Criminal Minds

I really like Mask of Magnaminty. It smells a little weird (or just super-organic?) because of the honey it contains, which also functions as a preservative, but when you wash it off your face feels wonderfully tingly and oh-so-fresh. Really big fan of this one. It’s clarifying and very, very refreshing.

Lush Lip Scrub and Lip Balm

You can’t give good lip with a bad base! I’m big into lip color, but I have chronically dry lips…womp womp. So exfoliating the lip region frequently is super-important.


Lush Mint Julips scrub and Lip Service balm

I really like the Mint Julips scrub from Lush because it’s super-easy to use and also delicious. Yes, delicious! After scrubbing onto lips, you just lick it off. It’s 100% edible and has jojoba oil, which leaves your lips soft and moisturized. Btw, did you know that the “j” in jojoba is pronounced like an “h”? Like it is in all Spanish words??? WHAT!! (It should be noted that once I asked for a “vay-heh-TAH-blays” burrito, though, so yeah…there’s that.)

happy lippy

Yay for lip color!

The Lip Service balm is the bomb. Seriously. It melts into your lips and makes them instantly soft and oh-so-kissable. Not that I’ve got anyone to kiss nowadays (#soalone)(I’m holding out for Shemar Moore at the mo, can you really blame me?)…

So if you love lip color as much as I do, definitely get these two buddies. They’re pretty inexpensive, too. And they both come in several flavors. Ooh la la!


So those are some of the wonderful things I bought at Lush. I’ll try to review the rest later–promise! In the meantime, I highly recommend heading over to your local Lush to pick up some of these goodies for yourself (try Mask of Magnaminty!! And the lip scrub!). Don’t forget–you can always ask for samples if you’re on the fence. They’ll be more than happy to hook ya up.

Alright, I’m off on an adventure to Target now. Hopefully will have something new to post after the trip! See ya later, nerds.

P.S. Got a fave Lush product? Know of other super-crunchy brands we should check out? Share in the Comments below! We’ll love you forever (and ever)(and EVER).

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