Nothing Was the Same: The Nail Polish to End All Nail Polishes

I’ll let you in on a secret: up until around six months ago, I was a lifelong nail-biter. I mean, I had stopped biting them in the past, but I never quit the habit for good. I knew that nail polish in particular served as an excellent deterrent for , so when I resolved to stop gnawing on my fingers indefinitely, I opted for a shellac manicure. If you haven’t experienced shellac (by the brand CND), then you don’t know what you’re missing. While it is a wee bit pricey; UV lamps aren’t great for your skin; and taking the polish off is an epic pain in the ass; the upshot is that the manicures last forever, are available in a gazillion colors, and look/feel super sleek and smooth. Getting shellac applied definitely helped to solidify my commitment to no longer biting my nails, but it is not a sustainable practice if you are low on funds, lazy, and are hoping to not prematurely develop skin cancer on your hands. As a result, I developed a passion for painting my own nails and set out on a quest to find the best polishes and nail products. This was actually a lot tougher than it sounds, as I have very flaky, weak nails and I’m pretty rough with them, which causes regular nail polish to chip pretty much instantaneously. I’m not even going to share the regular products I found, though, because I found the honest-to-goodness Holy Grail of nail polishes and top coats…


Yes, the same brand that brought you shellac also makes the greatest polish known to mankind. All of the colors have shellac equivalents as well, so if you ever got your nails done at a salon with CND, you can now paint them yourself at home. When the Vinylux polish is used with the Vinylux top coat, your nails will be perfection for at LEAST a week. This stuff does NOT chip. I have had Vinylux on for upwards of two weeks before, and while it definitely looks janky by that point, it isn’t so bad that one can’t not repaint their nails any longer.

I bought my first shade of CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish at Ricky’s NYC, which is definitely more overpriced than it might be elsewhere, but it was where I saw it in person first. I got it in the color “Tropix” and bought the topcoat as well. Upon discovering that this stuff was the bomb, I went on eBay and bought five more colors for much cheaper than I paid at Ricky’s. Since then, I have never looked back, and now harass everyone to buy this stuff as well. And they all love it!

After wearing the color “Sun-Poached Eggs” from Vinylux’s Series II collection (aka the Paradise shellac color line) for over two weeks, I finally repainted my nails today and took a photo for your viewing pleasure. I am wearing the shade “Desert Poppy,” which also happens to be “poppin’.” Get it?!

afterlightSo, yeah, this is me telling you to RUN, NOT WALK, to the store nearest you that carries CND Vinylux and to buy it. I get that it can be fun to have a brand-name nail polish and all the prestige and glamor that one feels as a result, but you will get over that feeling in about two seconds once you try this stuff.

As a scholar once said: “thank me later.”

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