Doing It Wrong: Beauty Faux-Pas That Drive Us Insane

There are some makeup mistakes that are truly unbearable to gaze upon. Not only do they look stupid, but they are fairly basic and make it plain that the offender in question doesn’t actually know as much about beauty as they purport. Seriously: check yoself before you wreck yoself.

Not blending in your foundation lines

It makes it painfully obvious that you are wearing makeup and looks really tacky. Failing to blend your foundation into your hairline makes you look like a n00b, while leaving the foundation line under your chin unblended makes it seems as though you are covered in Cheeto dust. That said…

Wearing the wrong color foundation or concealer

Seriously, it takes two seconds to figure out whether a color is right for you. Match the color to the skin on your neck, or just ask for some assistance in finding the correct shade. Otherwise, you will look really silly.

Not blending in your eyeshadow

This is not as egregious as it is with foundation, but it does not look nearly as good as it would if you had just quickly used a fluffy blending brush.

Putting bronzer all over your face

YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. Bronzer isn’t supposed to just be thrown haphazardly all over your face: it is meant to highlight and give you some color. Apply it in “3” formations on either side of your face and leave it at that.

Applying blush all over your cheeks because all you know is that it is supposed to go in that general area

It’s only supposed to go on the apples of your cheeks, maybe blended upwards and outwards a tad. I tried to share this tip with my grandma and it didn’t go well, but you should know better. Her behavior can be excused.

Not one of Lil Kim’s finer moments. Besides, you know, going to jail.

Am I missing any other awful makeup mishaps? Tell us what drives you crazy!

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